WHERE: Hoover Building in Glenford

TOPICS: This weeks ODNR Geological Survey Results, Implications to Perry County / Northern Perry County, Implications to other Landowner Groups, Revised Strategy Based On New Data, Negotiations / Role of KWGD, Proposed Lease, Termination of Existing / Expired Leases.

As you can see from the map below, which was made public this week – the shale outlook for our  part of the world has changed suddenly and dramatically. Dealing with that change and how to continue to move forward towards the goal of maximizing the value of our mineral rights, will be the overriding theme of this meeting. If you are even considering signing a long term lease at this time, I highly encourage you to attend this meeting. We will discuss the potential for implementing a “small ball” strategy as summarized below.

“Small Ball”

– Decision to play to the Upside or Play to the Downside

– Zero Commitment Group

– 1 to 3 Groups In Northern PC

– Buildups of 3000 – 5000 – 7000 – 10000 acres on a modified first come first serve basis

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