The Modern Oil and Gas Lease

Understanding the terms of a modern O&G horizontal fracking lease, can be a daunting task, especially when compared to the old one to two page leases that have been executed by the thousands in our communities. We will illuminate the key issues and decision points in such a lease, so that landowners can understand how each provision impacts their return and  their land. When a lease is offered, it will be posted here too. We will look at examples of good and not so good leases, and what others are saying we should be asking for.

Lease Examples

Below is a link to an actual lease that is currently recognized as a very landowner friendly lease. It was executed in North East Ohio just a few months ago for a lease bonus of $5,800 an acre, for a 5 years lease, renewable for an additional three with 20% royalties.

Utica Lease 11.2011

More Lease Examples

Emens, Richard Example Lease and Notes

Actual Ohio Lease Executed October 2011

Lease Terms Discussions / Advice

Harvard University: Ohio Leasing Guide

Protecting Groundwater

Emens, Richard O&G Lease Presentation


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